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Are you researching your family history or tracing your family tree?

If so, Teapot Genies have some exciting genealogical resource tools to assist in finding your ancestors and tracing your family roots.

The Teapot Genies (Kaye Vernon and Billie Jacobsen) through extensive research of original documents have produced a list of indexes from State Records NSW which are now searchable by a Key Name (Surname) on this site.

Records We Have

The original documents that form the basis of this site are as follows:

Most of this extensive list of indexes are unique to this website. Otherwise, to find these records in most cases you would have to search through hundreds of pages of documents to find a name you are looking for.

All the information on this site is also available on CD and in book form from Teapot Genies.

Although these records are from State Records NSW, the information is not exclusively related to NSW and often includes names of people from other states and countries.

Further records will be added regularly, so come back and check soon.

Other Services We Provide

Kaye and Billie also provide a range of research services.

They have extensive experience tracing family trees and discovering family histories. They have also provided research assistance and genealogical work on series 2 of the popular SBS TV program, Who Do You Think You Are?

For more information on these services please click here.